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Advice From Someone Winging It - PART 2 Forgetting Fear

When you're a scaredy-cat...

I have to be one of the most confident, least confident people I know. What does that mean? Self-esteem issues, fear of failure, and even stage fright plague me. Sometimes it's hard to break free, get out of my shell. There's a comfort zone - a wall I put up so no one will get to me (including myself). That wall causes problems, though. It means I've let fear win.

But...I have moments where I say to myself "You are a bad ass," and suck it up. The hardest thing is not letting your fears consume you. And when people say "Just be confident," they don't realize how hard that can be. Especially when you feel like your anxiety and doubt are crippling.

There are moments of clarity, however, where it's just you and the music. It's almost like the whole world goes silent and you don't give a f*ck about the rest of the world - it's just you singing your ass off and truly living this one profound moment in time. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. And striving to get to it is an everyday battle. But the battle is worth it because when you have that moment when you are at peace - no one can take that from you.

So sing from the heart. Always do your best and play your hardest, and you too will reach these moments. Don't think. Forget people and problems and what you look like and how you sound and what others are doing. Try to live that moment. Just be the music. Be the lyrics. Be the moment.

I know...easier said than done. But it never hurts to try. :)

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